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Explore a glimpse of my endeavors for Post Shop Plus, a distinguished London-based entity. In my role, I undertook a multifaceted approach, addressing diverse design and marketing needs to elevate the brand’s visibility and engagement. From conceptualizing web kits to managing social media accounts, each initiative aimed at creating a dynamic and cohesive brand presence for Post Shop Plus.

Key Contributions:

  1. Web Kit Design:

    • Crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly web kit, enhancing the online face of Post Shop Plus.
  2. Icon Design:

    • Developed custom icons for intuitive representation, contributing to a unified and professional brand image.
  3. Physical Shop Promotion:

    • Designed compelling posters and banners for the physical shop, creating a welcoming ambiance for patrons.
  4. Brand Identity Enhancement:

    • Created shop stickers, reinforcing brand identity and fostering recognition.
  5. Digital Marketing:

    • Designed engaging web banners and feature banners for online promotions, ensuring a consistent and attractive digital presence.
  6. Social Media Management:

    • Established and managed Social Media accounts, strategically cultivating an engaging online presence.
  7. Google My Business Optimization:

    • Managed and optimized Google My Business, enhancing local search visibility and customer engagement.
  8. Video Production:

    • Produced and managed content on YouTube and TikTok, creating captivating videos to showcase services.
  9. Weekly Social Media Tasks:

    • Executed and managed weekly tasks on various social media platforms, maintaining a dynamic and responsive online presence.

This collaboration epitomizes my commitment to crafting compelling brand identities and optimizing digital channels for enhanced customer engagement. The diverse range of design and marketing tasks undertaken reflects a strategic and impactful approach to elevate the Post Shop Plus brand.


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