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I'm Maruf

With 5+ years of experience, I’m a dedicated Visual Designer and Web Content Specialist. I’ve crafted 1000+ designs for reputed companies and 50+ websites. From brand inception to digital dominance, I create standout identities in the digital realm. Let’s bring your vision to life…

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UI and UX Design
Graphics Designer in London

Brand Design

Elevate your brand's visual identity with captivating design that leaves a lasting impression.

Web Design and Dev

Seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality for a website that engages and converts.

Digital Marketing

Harness the power of digital channels to amplify your brand's reach and impact.

Print Design

Transform your ideas into tangible, eye-catching materials that leave a mark in the physical world.

My Skills

Why Hire Me For Next Project?

I specialize in crafting comprehensive brand identities from the ground up, meticulously curating every element to resonate powerfully in the digital realm. From designing captivating logos to defining unique brand stories, I breathe life into brands, ensuring they stand out in the digital landscape.

But I don’t stop there. I harness the full potential of digital marketing strategies, employing a blend of cutting-edge techniques tailored to each brand’s unique personality. Through dynamic social media campaigns, engaging content creation, and data-driven SEO, I amplify brand presence and drive meaningful connections with the target audience.

In this fast-paced digital era, I am your partner in creating brands that not only thrive but leave an indelible mark on the digital world.

Project 1

Works for
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Brand Design Works:

  • Setting Brand Identity:
    • Created a distinctive brand logo.
    • Defined a cohesive brand color palette.
    • Established a unique brand typography.
  • Graphic Design:
    • Developed 150+ pieces of artwork for various purposes.
    • Crafted 20+ custom icons for brand representation.
    • Produced 7 promotional slide videos to enhance brand visibility.
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Project 2

Explore a glimpse of my endeavors for Post Shop Plus, a distinguished London-based entity. In my role, I undertook a multifaceted approach, addressing diverse design and marketing needs to elevate the brand’s visibility and engagement. From conceptualizing web kits to managing social media accounts, each initiative aimed at creating a dynamic and cohesive brand presence for Post Shop Plus.

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“Working with Abdullah Basar Maruf was an absolute pleasure! His creativity and attention to detail are truly inspiring. He has an incredible ability to take your vision and turn it into something even better than you could have imagined. I was truly happy by his work and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a designer and video editor who can bring their ideas to life.”

Chef Maruf
Sr. Chef (UK)
Chef Maruf London

I work with many UX Designer for the past 10 years and it's hard to find someone with this level of skill and strict attention to detail. He was excellent. Did a perfect job and actually exceeded my expectations. I will hire him again.

Danielle Dino
Founder of Webcasa

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